Best Research Articles/Thesis/Paper Editing Services – A Comparison

Editing an article means improving the content, style, organization, and flow of the article. In article editing, we revise and examine the structure, continuity, organization, and also check for any grammatical, spelling, or other types of mistakes.
Editing and proofreading may seem one of the most difficult tasks to some people. Students and common people both need experts to tailor their articles according to their requirements. Following is a list of online editing services that will help you to align your articles with the set standards.

1 Manuscript Lab Editing

Manuscript Lab is a scientific editing company that provides its services to make sure that your articles are up to the mark. They have remained one of the best service providers for scientific editing.
The Manuscript Lab is a UK-based company that has native editors who not only help with grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation but also improve the overall structure, organization, and flow of the manuscript.
They are also well aware of the common academic referencing styles like APA, MLA, and Chicago manual of style.
They not only edit your article but will also be in contact with you throughout the publication process. They also provide additional services like proofreading, formatting, referencing, and plagiarism checking.
They not just provide editing services but can also guide you in the manuscript submission process of renowned journals. They will provide assistance throughout the process till the article gets published even help in the submission process and review and editing of rebuttals of authors.
Their website has a user-friendly interface which makes placing and tracking your order very easy. They have 24/7 customer support where you can clear all your queries.

Their pricing is $0.025/word for proofreading only and $0.10/word for complete handling of the manuscript, including all the steps till the article gets published. They have affordable rates with quick delivery time.

2 Scribendi

It is one of the trusted and well-reputed editing services available in the market. They provide English editing along with manuscript and dissertation editing services.
They provide services in different academic disciplines rectifying grammar, syntax, punctuation, and language errors along with focusing on quality improvement of the manuscript. They pay special attention to manuscripts of non-native clients as they have problems drafting their manuscripts in English.
They also review dissertation proposals which makes them a good choice from the start of the process.
Their price range starts from $40 per 1000 words article.

3 Enago

Enago is an online platform for editing, proofreading, translation, medical writing, and publishing. They also provide other services such as statistical analysis, translation, and many more quality improvement services. Their website is available in other languages like Chinese and Korean.
They have highly qualified experts from a range of subjects, having Ph.D./ masters in their relevant subjects. They provide accurate results both technically and linguistically.
The services they provide include editing, proofreading, translation, referencing, rephrasing, plagiarism checking, and citation boosting. They have 24/7 customer support to assist you anytime.

4 Proofreadingpal

This website provides services in a unique way as they have two proofreader models. Every manuscript is edited by two different experts which makes it almost 100% error-free.
They also provide quick services with delivery times ranging from 30 minutes to 7 days depending on the type of document. They also focus on the overall quality of the article by properly organizing it to remove structural errors.
They charge $30-100 depending on the type of work you need.

5 Wordvice

This website is most popular among scholars, researchers, and students as they provide a variety of services. Their services include academic editing and proofreading, language and grammatical errors removal along with editing of essays, scholarships applications, and recommendation letters.
Their subject experts are qualified and dedicated to providing quality work in stipulated time.

6 Scribbr

This online editing platform provides quality services in the area of academic editing. They can edit and refine thesis, dissertations, manuscripts, essays, and reports. They check for grammar, syntax, punctuation, and sentence structure.
They also provide additional services like structure, organization, and formatting for which they charge an additional fee. They also check your manuscripts for plagiarism and also provide citation services.

7 Editage

This platform provides quality services for almost all categories of articles related to academics. They will not only remove any errors related to grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes but will give you qualitative suggestions help to improve the overall structure, flow, and organization of the manuscript.
They have experts related to all academic disciplines and will assign you an editor related to the type of your manuscript. They take care of all types of documents whether it is a dissertation, a conference paper, a graduate thesis, or a scientific article for publishing.

8 EliteEditing

This is also one of the best service providers for academic editing. They have well-qualified subject experts which keenly tailor your manuscripts to meet the required standards.
They can handle all types of conventional file formats like MS word, PDF, etc. They also provide coaching and feedback after editing your document, giving suggestions on how to improve your writing.

9 PaperTrue

This platform provides academic editing services to improve your manuscripts to make them error-free and up to the mark. They improve the formatting and flow of documents and remove any structural errors.
They try to make your manuscript 100% free from language errors. They also work on clarity, sentence structure, coherence, and formatting. They also provide additional services such as referencing, formatting, and plagiarism checking.
They also provide a 300 words free sample edit for first-time customers.


Editors of this platform provide academic editing services for dissertations, scientific manuscripts, and other academic documents. They will remove any grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and other errors related to sentence structure.
They are also well versed with the common referencing styles such as MLA, APA, etc. They also make sure that your article has proper organization, structure, and format. They provide track changes that can either be rejected or retained by the author.

Comparison of Different Editing Services

Editing ServicePricingFree revisionFree sampleHelp in publicationDelivery time
Manuscript Lab$0.025/wordYesYesYes24 hours – 3 days
Scribendi$40/1000 wordsNoYesNo72 hours-6 days
Enago$70/1000 wordsYesNoYes24 hours- 5 days
Proofreadingpal $30-100/1000 wordsYesYesNo12 hours-7 days
Wordvice$80/1000 wordsNoNoYes24 hours- 6 days
Scribbr$51/1000 wordsNoNoYes10 hours-7 days
Editage$30/1000 wordsYesYesYes24 hours-7 days
EliteEditing$28/1000 wordsNoNoNo24 hours-7 days
PaperTrue$36/1000 wordsYesYesNo24 hours-7 days$0.039-0.083/wordNoNoNo24 hours-7 days
Comparison of different editing services


Looking at the above list, Manuscript Lab Editing is one of the best article editing services available online. They offer the most cost-effective and quick service. They offer flexible packages and you can choose one of your choices. Editing is done by native English-speaking subject experts who are well aware of scientific norms and journals requirements in your field. This is one of the few services that have such an editing system. Moreover, re-editing is free of cost in case of any issues or in view of the journal’s feedback. In addition, they offer a “complete handling” package that assists authors in every single step of the publication process. Thus, one of the main reasons you should choose them is that they will be in contact with you throughout the process from article submission till it gets published. Therefore, this is for scientific manuscripts editing and publication.

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