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Manuscript Lab (M&L) is a UK-based editing company that was launched to guide and assist researchers in scientific writing. We believe that tremendous research is being done in various locations of the world; however, language barriers significantly hamper the visibility of very prestigious publications and data, which must not happen. Therefore, M&L provides resources about journals, publication norms, related software applications, scientific writing, and language editing to facilitate researchers in getting their message out to the world. Numerous such resources, lectures, and blogs are freely available which can be used to improve scientific content. Moreover, we have a dedicated team to assist researchers with their publications. Researchers can avail various services including copy editing, manuscript formatting, proofreading, and help with renowned journals’ submission systems.

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The major factor which makes Manuscript Lab different from other editing services is the fact that, Manuscript Lab does not just edit the document.

Once an author has hired our services, we take his/her manuscript and serve of every stage of publication process. This includes proofreading, copy editing, substantive editing, formatting as per journals requirements, and even the review process.

Like typical editing services, we won’t just edit the article, but we’ll work in close collaboration with you unless the manuscript is published. This would even include help in submission process, cover letters, and review and editing of rebuttals to authors. Simply – you will conduct the research and prepare the first draft (or seek our service for translation) -and then we’ll work on it (with you) until it is published.

Manuscript Improvement

Copy editing, translation, data presentation, improvement of cohesion, and content structuring.

Help With Submission Process

Help in finding suitable journal, formatting of article as per journal's guidelines, references' formatting, cover letters and any other file needed for submission.

Review Process

Help in review process including rebuttal letters to reviewers and editors. Our team will work with you until and unless your manuscript gets published. Once we have analyzed your scientific data and reviewed it worth a certain impact factor, it is our guarantee that the manuscript will be published in that, or any other related journal.

About us

Manuscript Lab is a startup in scientific writing and editing. We provide our expert editing services for as low as $0.035. We also offer complete handling of MS.

Our mission

Our mission is to help scientists in spreading scientific knowledge by removing language barriers they usually face while publishing in prestigious journals.

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