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Get The Best Figure Formatting Services At ManuscriptLab

In the world of academia and research, figure formatting plays an important role. A research paper must display researched information in graphical format according to the figure formatting guidelines of the intended Journal. Each Journal has its unique figure format rules and style. So here you need help from Manuscript Lab Editing specialists. We have some skilled editors for figure formatting who help writers to create academic and scientific figures to meet the criteria of impactful and famous journals. We will assist you in submitting your research with precision and a good formatted figure clarifies or depicts the goal of your research.

A Guide for PhD Students, Editors, Researchers, Proofreaders, and Thesis Editors

Figure Formatting Service

Why Choose Our Figure Formatting Services?

We welcome you to the leading and most proficient source of manuscript editing services, which is ManuscriptLab. We help you in editing a wide variety of written materials. The e includes: research papersthesis, dissertations, and other types of writings.

Our editors are proficient at formatting many academic figures, including data illustrations, graphs and illustrated images. Our editors focus on integrating figures within the draft that are well-structured yet following the accuracy of your content, whether you are working on explaining a circuit diagram, medical figure, gene sequence or other academic images.

American Psychological Association (APA)

Key Benefits of APA Style Figure Formatting

Benefit from ManuscriptLab’s figure formatting services, providing:

APA Style Figure Formatting
MLA figure formatting

Modern Language Association (MLA)

Key Benefits of MLA Style Article Formatting

Here are key benefits from ManuscriptLab’s figure formatting services, providing:

Align your figures with formatting style

Our skilled designers will align your figures according to the formatting style of high-impact journals. Our team of experts can assist you whether you need to update existing figure files consistent with the journal requirements or you want to generate brand-new illustrations, graphical abstracts, or posters.

Add Annotations and transform figure dimensions

Our editors will add annotations to figures to add background information. In order to provide a concise and understandable overview of multifaceted information in research presentations, editors will change variables for the best display.

Modify file type, resolution, colour, scale, line thickness, or layout

This helps you in modifying the file format, resolution, colour scheme, scale, line thickness, and arrangement of figures. It ensures appealing pictures and enhances readability and precision for research reports.

Present your research

To make your research more logical, we specialize in providing figures, drawings, and graphics that follow the criteria of top SCI-listed journals.

Guidance on every step of the process

Our editors aim to ensure your success. You can continue addressing the queries you are having about the work we have done. The minute we have produced your figures.

How to get the best results in figure formatting at ManuscriptLab ?

Provide editable files for graphs, tables and diagrams

The writers must provide all the figures in their original file format (which includes .xlsx or .pptx) or in an editable / vector file format (for instance, .eps or .pdf). The writer will have to export the data instead of saving it as a picture.

Provide the image with the highest resolution available

You must submit the image file in .tif, .jpg, or .png format. There is no need to embed these files in Word or PowerPoint documents because doing so will affect their quality.

Inform about your target Journal

It’s important to inform about your target Journal. Every Journal has its own guidelines. Thus, the editors will follow the specific guidelines of the targeted Journal. If you know the guidelines of your target journal, your figures will be according to the requirements.

Consider the size limitations of the target Journal

Plan your illustration in a way that fits on one page of a print journal at any cost. If there are so many components in a single design, we may ask you how to split it into two or more designs because it might cause a delay in the delivery of your order.

Upload the figures or tables that need formatting

You should upload only those figures which you want our experts to format. If you add up those figures, which do not need formatting, it will delay your delivery. For example, if you need formatting of three figures and have attached 8, it will take time due to the confirmation process. You may specify which figures or tables to format in a note on your purchase.


Expert Figure Formatting

At ManuscriptLab, our aim is to fulfil our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is our first priority. Our editors will pay complete attention to your project and make every detail perfect. We provide premium editing services which are specially crafted to meet your unique requirements. You can also avail our top-notch and affordable article writing services available today only from Manuscript Lab Editing.

You can submit your article, thesis, or dissertation more confidentially after being professionally structured by ManuscriptLab.



Here’s How Figure Formatting is Done at ManuscriptLab

Step 1

Upload your Document

Begin by submitting your document or content that requires editing or other services. Mention your requirements and desired services. Initial checks on the document are done within three hours.

Step 2

Discuss your required services

You are contacted by our representative through Email/WhatsApp to discuss services needed, plan of action, and pricing details based on document word count, package chosen, and services ordered.

Step 3

Our team edits your document

Two PhD/native English-speaking Ph.D. editors edit the submitted document. A Senior Editor (SE) checks the document in-house for quality assurance and writes the report.

Step 4

Receive your polished document

The following documents are provided on completion of the order:
1. Clean edited document
2. Track changes document
3. Detailed feedback and review report on the draft
4. Signed certificate of editing to submit to journals
5. Payment invoice for official reimbursements

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